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Does you industry fall under Green category and/or exempted by the State of Odisha from consent management? To view the list of Green and other exempted industries by State of Odisha.  please click here


Will your industrial unit generate Hazardous waste? To view the list of Hazardous waste.


Does your industrial unit have or is expected to have an annual turnover of Rs. 10 lakh or above?


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Is your industry identified as an Hazardous industry and/or Dangerous Process under Factories Act 1948? For the list of hazardous industries and Dangerous Processes.  please click here


Is your industrial unit expected to: 1. Employ at least 10 employees and consume power, or 2. Employ at least 20 employees and will not consume power?


Does your industrial unit require an installation of Boiler which: i) Has a capacity of 25 liters or more, and/or ii) Needs to boil water by exceeding one hundred degrees celsius temperature, and/or iii) Has a capacity of 1kg/cm-square pressure or more


Will your industrial unit be employing Boiler Operation Engineers, Boiler Attendants and Welders with certificates from other States?


Does your industrial unit has a boiler already installed and ready for inspection?


Will your industrial unit be employing more than 20 employees under contract labour?


Will your industrial unit be employing 50 or more non-executive employees?


Will your industrial unit be requiring power to operate?


Does your industrial unit require ground water during the construction/operation phase?


Does your industrial unit require surface water during the construction/operation phase?


Does your industrial unit site lie within the Planning Authority Area (Area under the jurisdiction of Urban Local Bodies and the adjoining area)? To view the list of Urban Local Bodies in Odisha.  please click here


Does your industrial unit land require to be converted from other use to Industrial use?


Will your industrial building will have a height of 50 ft or above?


Will your industrial unit be carrying out any trade?


Does your industrial unit come under the jurisdiction of a Development Authority? For the list of Development Authorities in Odisha.  please click here


Does your industrial unit not come under the jurisdiction of any Urban Local Bodies and requires a change of land use?


Does your industrial unit require license under the Drug and Cosmetics Act?


Is the occupier of the factory premises changed?


Is the ownership of the factory changed?


Does your industrial unit has a Boiler installed?


Is new steam pipeline being connected to the Boiler?


Does the pressure parts of the Boiler require repair?


Are the Welders' certificates need to be validated?

Green Industries exempted from Consent Management

Sl. No. Industry Type
1 Apparel making
2 Assembly of air coolers, conditioners
3 Assembly of bicycles, baby carriage and other small vehicles non-motorized
4 Atta-chakkies
5 Bakery products, biscuits confectionery
6 Bamboo and cane products (only dry operations)
7 Block making for printing
8 Bulk Cement terminal
9 Cardboard or corrugated box and paper products (Paper or pulp manufacturing excluded)
10 Carpet weaving
11 Chilling plants and cold storage
12 Cotton and woolen hosiery
13 Dal mills
14 Electronic and electrical goods
15 Electronics equipment (Assembly)
16 Footwear (rubber and PVC)
17 Fountain pens
18 Garments stitching, tailoring
19 Gold and silver smithy
20 Gold and silver thread zari work
21 Groundnut decorticating (dry)
22 Ice-cream or Ice-making
23 Industrial Gases, namely. Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Helium, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide
24 Insulation and other coated papers (Paper or pulp excluded) manufacturing
25 Jobbing and machining
26 Leather footwear and leather products excluding tanning and hide processing
27 Light engineering
28 Manufacture of formulated synthetic detergent products
29 Manufacture of soaps involving process without generation of trade effluent (saponification of fats and fatty acids only)
30 Medical and surgical instruments
31 Mineralized water
32 Musical instruments manufacturing
33 Oil ginning/expelling (no hydrogenation/ refining)
34 Optical frames
35 Paint (by mixing process only)
36 Paper pins and U-clips
37 Plastic & PVC processed goods
38 Polythene, plastic and P VC goods through injection/ extrusion molding
39 Power looms/ handlooms (without dyeing & bleaching)
40 Printing press
41 Radio assembling
42 Rice (Raw)
43 Rope (cotton and plastic)
44 Rubber goods industry
45 Scientific and mathematical instruments
46 Shoelace manufacturing
47 Sports goods
48 Steeping and processing of grains
49 Supari (Betelnut) and masala grinding
50 Thermometer making
51 Toys
52 Wasting of used sand by hydraulic discharge
53 Water softening and de-mineralized plants
54 Fly ash based product manufacturing unit

Additional Industries Exempted from Consent Management

Sl. No. Industry Type
1 Tailoring / garment making
2 Handloom weaving.
3 Furniture (wooded & steel)
4 Assembly of domestic electrical and electronic appliances /equipment
5 Candles
6 Carpentry (excluding saw mill)
7 Manufacture of steel trunks and suit cases
8 IT / ITES industries.
9 Solar Photovoltaic power plants
Sl. No. Industry Type
1 Ferrous Metallurgical Industries
Integrated Iron and Steel
Special Steels
2 Non-ferrous Metallurgical Industries
Primary Metallurgical Industries, namely zinc, lead, copper, manganese and aluminum
3 Foundries (ferrous and non-ferrous)
Castings and forgings including cleaning or smoothening/roughening by sand and shot blasting
4 Coal (including coke) Industries
Coal, Lignite, Coke, etc.
Fuel Cases (including Coal Gas, Producer Gas, Water Gas)
5 Power Generating Industries.
6 Pulp and paper (including paper products) Industries.
7 Fertilizer Industries
8 Cement Industries
Portland Cement (including slag cement, puzzolona cement and their products)
9 Petroleum Industries
Oil Refining
Lubricating Oils and Greases
10 Petro-chemical Industries
11 Drugs and Pharmaceutical Industries
Narcotics, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals
12 Fermentation Industries (Distilleries and Breweries).
13 Rubber (Synthetic Industries)
14 Paints and Pigment Industries
15 Leather Tanning Industries
16 Electro-plating Industries
17 Chemical Industries
Coke Oven By-products and Coal tar Distillation products
Industrial Gases (nitrogen, oxygen, acetylene, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, Sulphur dioxide, nitrous oxide, halogenated hydrocarbon, ozone, etc.
Industrial Carbon
Alkalis and Acids
Chromates and dichromates
Lead and its compounds
Electro chemicals (metallic sodium, potassium and magnesium, chlorates, per chlorates and peroxides)
Electro thermal produces (artificial abrasive, calcium carbide)
Nitrogenous compounds (cyanides, cyanamides, and other nitrogenous compounds)
Phosphorus and its compounds
Halogens and Halogenated compounds (chlorine, fluorine, bromine and iodine)
Explosives (including industrial explosives and detonators and fuses)
18 Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides and other Pesticides Industries
19 Synthetic Resin and Plastics
20 Man-made Fiber (Cellulosic and non-cellulosic) industry
21 Manufacture and repair of electrical accumulators
22 Glass and Ceramics
23 Grinding or glazing of metals
24 Manufacture, handling and processing of asbestos and its products
25 Extraction of oils and fats from vegetable and animal sources
26 Manufacture, handling and use of benzene and substances containing benzene
27 Manufacturing processes and operations involving carbon disulphide
28 Dyes and dyestuff including their intermediates
29 Highly flammable liquids and gases

List of Dangerous Manufacturing Operations

Sl. No. Industry Type
1 Manufacture of aerated water and processes incidental thereto
2 Electrolyte plating or oxidation of metal articles by use of an electrolyte containing chromic acid or other chromium compounds
3 Manufacture and repair of electric accumulators
4 Glass manufacture
5 Grinding or glazing of metals
6 Manufacture and treatment of lead and certain compounds of lead
7 Generation of gas from dangerous petroleum as defined in the Petroleum Act, 1934
8 Cleaning or smoothing, roughening, etc., of articles, by a jet of sand, metal shot or grift or other abrasive propelled by a blast of compressed air or stream
9 Liming and tanning of raw hides and skins and processes incidental thereto
10 Printing Presses and Type foundries (certain lead processes carried therein)
11 Manufacture of Pottery
12 Chemical works
13 Handling and processing of asbestos, manufacturing of any article of asbestos and any other processes of manufacturer or otherwise in which asbestos is used in any form
14 Manufacture of articles from refractory materials including manufacture of refractory bricks
15 Handling and manipulation of corrosive substance
16 Process of extracting oils and fats from vegetable and animal sources in Solvent Extraction Plants
17 Manufacture or manipulation of Cereinogenic dye intermediates
18 Manufacture or manipulation of manganese and its compounds
19 Handling and use of Benzene
20 Manufacture or manipulation of dangerous pesticides
21 Processing of Cashew nuts
22 Manufacturing process and operations in carbon-disulphate plants
23 Operations involving high noise level
24 Manufacture of rayon by viscose process
25 Highly flammable liquids and flammable compressed gases

List of Municipal Corporations

Sl. No. Municipal Corporations
1 Bhubaneswar (MC)
2 Cuttack (MC)
3 Berhampur (MC)

List of Municipalities

Sl. No. Municipalities
1 Rourkela (M)
2 Puri (M)
3 Sambalpur (M)
4 Balasore (M)
5 Baripada (M)
6 Bhadrak (M)
7 Bolangir (M)
8 Brajarajnagar (M)
9 Jeypore (M)
10 Jharsuguda (M)
11 Paradeep (M)
12 Bargarh (M)
13 Bhawanipatna (M)
14 Jatni (M)
15 Rayagada (M)
16 Dhenkanal (M)
17 Barbil (M)
18 Choudwar (M)
19 Keonjhar (M)
20 Raj gangpur (M)
21 Parlakhemundi (M)
22 Kendrapara (M)
23 Vyasanagar (M)
24 Khurda (M)
25 Joda (M)
26 Sundargarh (M)
27 Angul (M)
28 Anandapur (M)
29 Talcher (M)
30 Phulbani (M)
31 Belpahar (M)
32 Jajpur (M)
33 Jagatsinghpur (M)
34 Biramitrapur (M)
35 Nowrangpur (M)
36 Deogarh (M)
37 Sonepur (M)

List of Notified Area Councils

Sl. No. Notified Area Councils
1 Sunabeda (NAC)
2 Burla (NAC)
3 Koraput (NAC)
4 Pattamundai (NAC)
5 Titlagarh (NAC)
6 Basudevpur (NAC)
7 Soro (NAC)
8 Hirakud (NAC)
9 Umarkote (NAC)
10 Gunupur (NAC)
11 Malkangiri
12 Rairangpur (NAC)
13 Karanjia (NAC)
14 Hinjlikat (NAC)
15 Jaleswar (NAC)
16 Aska (NAC)
17 Chatrapur (NAC)
18 Bhuban (NAC)
19 Kantabanji (NAC)
20 Bhanjanagar (NAC)
21 Polosara (NAC)
22 Barpalli (NAC)
23 Patnagarh (NAC)
24 Boudgarh (NAC)
25 Kesinga (NAC)
26 Nimapara (NAC)
27 Khariar Road (NAC)
28 Banpur (NAC)
29 Kabisuryanagar (NAC)
30 Banki (NAC)
31 Athgarh (NAC)
32 Balugaon (NAC)
33 Junagarh (NAC)
34 Padampur (NAC)
35 Konark (NAC)
36 Kamakhyanagar (NAC)
37 Kotpad (NAC)
38 Nilagiri (NAC)
39 Soroda (NAC)
40 Binka (NAC)
41 Nayagarh (NAC)
42 Pipili (NAC)
43 Purusottampur (NAC)
44 Redhakhol (NAC)
45 Kuchinda (NAC)
46 Khariar (NAC)
47 Buguda (NAC)
48 Kodala (NAC)
49 Udala (NAC)
50 Balimela (NAC)
51 Athmallick (NAC)
52 Ganjam (NAC)
53 Digapahandi (NAC)
54 Chikiti (NAC)
55 Rambha (NAC)
56 Khalikote (NAC)
57 G.Udaygiri (NAC)
58 Bellaguntha (NAC)
59 Kashinagar (NAC)
60 Khandapara (NAC)
61 Tarbha (NAC)
62 Gudari (NAC)
63 Gopalpur (NAC)
Sl. No. Development Authority
1 Berhampur Development Authority
2 Bhubaneswar Development Authority
3 Cuttack Development Authority
4 Kalinga Nagar Development Authority
5 Paradeep Development Authority
6 Puri Konark Development Authority
7 Rourkela Development Authority
8 Sambalpur Development Authority
9 Talcher Angul Development Authority

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